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28 Jan 2020

The metal sheet has become the ‘Tesla’ of the roofing landscape, as it is a truly innovative product that is destined to transcend the industrial challenges of conventional roofing solutions and is bound to bring a positive change for the environment.

A product that is advanced in all imaginable ways and does not cost a fortune to make. It stands as a remarkable accomplishment, as all the years of hard work, research and investments have paid off big-time! Leading roofing sheets manufacturers like TATA BlueScope Steel and JSW Steel are betting big on this and are offering a wide array of metal roofing solutions for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Metal roofing has shown tremendous success across all business verticals due to its ground-breaking advantages.

Here are the most popular benefits of metal roofing sheets:

1.       Longevity:  Metal sheets can last up to 60-70 years, unlike ordinary asphalt or polycarbonate sheets

2.       Lightweight: The typical weight of metal roof sheets is approx. 30-50 Kgs per sq. ft. This is drastically less than conventional roofing sheets

3.       Heat resistant: Most metal roofing sheets are coated with a zinc-aluminium alloy or zinc oxide. The properties of zinc and aluminium help reflect the heat and offer increased protection against fires

4.       High-strength & durability: They exhibit high resistance to pressure, permeability and stress.

5.       Glamourous & Eco-friendly: Metal roofing solutions offer a diverse range in terms of aesthetics, as they have sleek modern designs and come in colour-coated options as well. They are made using 100% eco-friendly materials which makes it easy to recycle them at the end of their life-span

Metal sheeting solution is truly the way forward for a substantial and economic future for the roofing industry. Before you go into procuring metal solutions for your roofing needs, you need to fully understand the different types of metal solutions available. A metal roofing sheet is made from different metals or metal alloys to exhibit different properties for various applications. It’s not just limited to steel. The term ‘metal roof’ encompasses a wide variety of materials/elements which have their own pros and cons, based on the natural properties and characteristics of the material.


Here are 4 main types of metal roofing solutions

1.       Copper-based: 

This is the element that made metal roofs famous for its longevity and strength. Copper-based sheets can last up to 200 years and are ideal for green solutions as they are 100 % recyclable. Copper although is a soft metal, which makes it vulnerable to serious impacts lie hailstones. This can easily damage the sheet, leaving dents in it.  


2.       Aluminium-based:

As aluminium is extremely light in weight and has high resistance against corrosion, these type of sheets are ideal for coastal areas where the metal is prone to salt corrosion. Due to its high strength to weight ratio, aluminium sheets are slightly more expensive than other metal roofing sheets.


3.       Zinc-based:

Zinc has a very low melting point compared to other metals. This makes zinc processing extremely easy and cost-efficient. Zinc is a 100% recyclable element and can be used for a variety of applications. The only downside is that zinc is prone to chalking [ a white rust effect/change of colour] over time. This affects the aesthetics of the roof.


4.       Steel-based:

Steel has become the go-to option in the metal roofing industry. Steel is an alloy made using iron and other elements, giving it a really strong structure and high durability. In general, steel buildings have shown tremendous results in terms of strength and longevity. Steel based sheets are the most ideal choice for all types of residential and commercial applications, as steel is made from existing recycled elements and is cheaper to produce compared to zinc or copper-based sheet. It is highly flexible and all-weather proof. 

There are 3 types of steel sheets;

a.       Galvanized Steel: Created using a layer of Zinc to protect an inner layer of steel from corrosion.

b.       Galvalume Steel: It is made using a layer that is a combination of Aluminium and Zinc.

c.       Weathering steel:  It is made using 2 layers in which, the outer layer is designed to rust deliberately, in order to protect the internal layer.

Imagine a world full of vibrant metal sheets, reflecting different ideas through various colours and textures. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold! And the best part is… It’s truly eco-friendly and extremely economical. 

TATA BlueScope Steel is a pioneer in metal roofing solutions and is one the leading industrial shed manufacturers in India. TATA BlueScope Steel’s offering includes galvanized steel sheets, colour coated sheets and aluminium sheets.  To learn more about TATA BlueScope Products or to locate dealers in India, visit the website



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