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14 Jan 2020

The construction landscape in India is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Apart from quality and low construction costs, high-speed is becoming attributed to Indian construction projects for the first time ever.  Construction projects in India can now be planned for ad-hoc purposes under shorter timelines, and be built without compromising on quality.  This has become possible due to the introduction of Pre-engineered buildings or fabrications. 

Pre-engineered buildings

Pre-engineered buildings are factory-built buildings of steel that are shipped to the site and bolted together. it is cheap, very fast to erect, and can also be dismantled and moved to another site. The general idea of it consists of rigid frames that are fabricated from plate steel. These rigid frames consist of roof beams, steel trusses and columns that are then bolted together on the construction site, once the basic foundations are prepared.  This unique style of planning and execution is single-handedly transforming the way constructions are done in various industry sectors of India, due to its

·         Reduced costing

·         Shorter completion timelines

·         Flexibility

·         Increased Durability

·         Eco-friendliness

Now, what is the actual scope of using pre-engineered solutions in various growing sectors of India, if not all?  The scope is limitless! The biggest advantage here is, that it uses a design-build approach i.e. the designing and building are done by a single entity which allows for reduced risk, faster completion and increased coordination. This allows for pre-engineered solutions to be adapted for more specific purposes, rather than just for building generic structures. Let’s see how pre-engineered solutions can be suited for various industry-specific uses

Here are 5 industry-specific uses of prefabricated steel buildings

1.       Agriculture:

Pre-engineered solutions give way to build more flexible, spacious and farm-specific structures like barns, greenhouses, grain storages, stables and pre-engineered roofing solutions.  Pre-build steel structures maximize roof lighting, and they create room for high-pressure wash systems, bacteria control and sanitation. It also offers a seamless experience for the operator as pre-engineered parts are easy to work with and make it easy to minimize downtimes and manoeuvrability difficulties.

2.       Manufacturing:

Nearly 70% of all single storey non-residential construction now utilizes pre-engineered buildings. They offer a multitude of applications such as car parking sheds, low-rise buildings, small houses and commercial complexes. Almost every conceivable commercial project has been successfully built with the use of pre-engineered metal buildings.

3.       Transport:

India is witnessing a sharp rise in the development of smart transportation systems. Metro rails, dedicated bus lanes and stations will be needed to be constructed in optimum timeframes, to set things in motion as soon as possible.  Pre-engineered solutions can be adapted to build a diverse array of transport-related structures, including airport hangars, metro stations, bus stations and much more.

4.       Entertainment:

The entertainment industry is on a massive boom all over India. Concerts, carnivals and weekend fests are becoming more and more popular.  With the increased frequency, large scale structures will be needed to be built for ad-hoc purposes, in minimum timeframes. Pre-engineered buildings can be used to assemble stages, seating structures, lighting rigs and ramps in a quick and hassle-free manner.

5.       Institutional:

Pre-engineered solutions have been tested to serve a variety of institutional purposes and have shown promising results over time. Spacious auditoriums, lecture halls, sports facilities and stadiums can be built in shorter time-spans with superior build quality and convenient seating arrangements. 

Pre-engineered solutions have opened up a new dimension of progress in the construction landscape.  This is truly a solution that Indian construction companies can bank on to scale themselves to heights never imagined before. This is a remarkable avenue to launch more of the Make in India initiatives and grow the economy at a faster pace.

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